For the girl who delights and enchants, who willingly wanders from cobblestone corners to bustling streets, and takes the world in her stride. Made in Los Angeles.
Saskia, created and designed by Natalie Riskas launched in June 2020.

Inspired by British gardens and South American coastlines, Saskia sets the stage for those long extended evenings alfresco and endless nights dancing to a vibrant Latin rhythm. Natalie grew up just outside of London with a British father and Chilean mother. She was influenced by the duality of these two contrasting heritages. Spending innumerable nights at Salsa clubs in her 20's, Saskia is an extension of Natalie's world, strong and feminine, sophisticated and sensual.

Nostalgia inducing; Saskia is for the storytellers and lovers.
With many vintage references – and love for bias draped midis, puffed sleeves, figure forming silhouettes, and ditsy floral prints. The fabrics are chosen with the female body in mind - things that feel good on the skin.

Named after the wife of famed sculptor Rembrandt, Saskia was his love, wife, and muse. You are our inspiration.

Saskia garments are handcrafted ethically and in small batches to promote thoughtfulness and need. We are a small independent label and believe in keeping people the priority by working with an OSHA-certified factory to ensure fair wages and healthy work environments. 

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