Hi, I'm Natalie Riskas and I founded Saskia, an independent women's brand made in Los Angeles, California. My collection consists of classic shapes in modern prints, that reflect my taste for vintage-inspired feminine day-dresses, all of which are ethically produced and handcrafted in Los Angeles. I take pride in producing garments at a facility that values their machinists and dressmakers, and also take pride in the level of craft and skills they bring to each Saskia piece, some upwards of 20+ years.

I started Saskia Clothing, as a way to expand a category of fashion I felt was underserved, there seemed to be such a large gap in the market for clean, sophisticated modest clothing. As with anything in life, not all modest dressers are the same. We are allowed to be nuanced and share different points of views.  Being a mother also called for extremely wearable dresses without loosing the desire to feel connected and rooted to my femininity. 

Saskia is a culmination of my life experiences, growing up in a blend of different cultures being half Chilean- and half British, the attitude and very fiber of Saskia is a captivating femininity. I just want to make women feel beautiful, and make it effortless for them with a great dress.

Sincerely, Natalie Riskas



Natalie Riskas- Owner.